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Aerospace and defense contractors deliver some of the most crucial solutions affecting our nation and the world. Cadrex has served companies within the Aerospace & Defense sector for over 50 years. As a result, our engineers and production teams know the ins and outs of the industry, with a specialized focus on quality. This focus is essential when building products that may serve mission-critical military applications.

As any defense contractor will know, there are stringent documentation, certification, and non-disclosure requirements for many of the projects outsourced by the U.S. Military. Our customer teams are well-versed in these requirements, navigating product specs collaboratively with our customers to ensure mutual success.

Cadrex works with some of the biggest contractors in the A&D space. Our proven track record of high-quality, reliable, and on-time manufacturing is why we are a partner of choice for leaders in defense.

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A&D Market Expertise

Naval Weapon Systems

Programs: VLS, TIH, Sentinel, MK41, MK2
Part Types: Weldments, Center Posts, Corner Posts, Assemblies, I/O panels, Chassis Assemblies, Cover Assemblies, Heatsinks, Panel Assemblies, Skin Kits, Ablative Kits

Radar Systems

Programs: LRDR, USN
Part Types: Panel Assemblies, Panels, Razorbacks, Waterfalls

Military Vehicles

Programs: HIMARS, TPQ 53
Part Types: Cover Assemblies

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