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Industry Leader in North America

Cadrex is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry in Mexico by combining capabilities at one site, efficiently increasing our ability to deliver speed to scale in the region. Our state-of-the-art facility in Monterrey has plastic injection molding and sheet metal fabrication capabilities. The dual capabilities in Mexico allow us to produce overmolded metal and plastic products as well as plastic components for current sheet metal programs, and they allow us to provide manufacturing for customers with in-region requirements.

We bring more than 50 years of experience in injection molding to Mexico. Our 255,000-square-foot facility in Monterrey has three new electric injection molding presses, adding to the fleet of injection molding presses at our site in Colorado. Experts at both facilities work together as one team to provide our customers with support and to create high-quality products. Our unmatched breadth of capabilities makes Cadrex one of the leading plastic injection molding companies in Mexico and throughout North America.

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Injection Molding Capabilities

  • 36 Injection Molding Machines

    Our Mexico plastic injection molding machines perform horizontally, which means they open and close on a horizontal path while parts drop into a box or onto a conveyor belt. Our Colorado facility also has machines that operate vertically, which are ideal for overmolding or insert molding. The powerful machines at Cadrex Monterrey deliver fast injection speeds and ensure a long mold life.

  • Clamp Force 28 Tons - 950 Tons

    Plastic injection molding machines are categorized by tonnage and clamp force, or the amount of force it takes to hold the mold shut while it is filled with plastic. The injection molding machines at our Colorado facility range in tonnage from 28 to 720, while the machines at our Monterrey facility range in tonnage from 390 to 950. Read our plastic injection molding glossary.

  • Engineering & Commodity Grade Resins

    We work with engineering and commodity grade resins at Cadrex Monterrey, and we also work with custom resins designed to meet specific application requirements for individual projects. Commodity grade resins are the most common type of plastic molding material, and they can be easily mass produced. Engineering grade resins are strong and designed to withstand specific conditions.

  • Plastic and Metal Overmolding

    By combining plastic injection molding and sheet metal fabrication capabilities, we can produce overmolded metal and plastic products entirely in our facility. Overmolding involves molding plastic on top of a metal or another plastic component. Learn more aboutplastic and metal overmolding.

  • Structural Foam Molding

    At Cadrex Monterrey, we can perform structural foam molding, which uses less material and creates lighter parts than other molding methods. During this process, a foaming agent is mixed with resin, and the mixture is injected into a mold. From there, it is heated into a gas, and the gas forms a thick skin on the inside wall of the mold. Learn more about structural foam molding.

  • Insert Molding

    Cadrex Monterrey offers insert molding, which is when molten plastic is injected into a preformed part and then hardens inside the object. Insert molding often eliminates the need for post-production assembly and it creates a tight bond between the plastic part and its inserts. Learn more about insert molding.

  • Post-mold Machining

    Plastic injection molding services may include post-mold machining. Any work performed on injection molded components to improve their appearance, give them their final shape, or provide additional properties is considered post-mold machining. Our precision machining capabilities throughout the Cadrex network can complete a product when paired with plastic injection molding.

  • In-House Tool Design and Maintenance

    Design experts at our Colorado facility provide in-house tool design support and design for manufacturability (DFM) engineering. They work closely with our team members in Mexico to ensure every custom injection molding project at Cadrex is designed for excellence. Our design experts collaborate with engineers and our customers early in the prototyping process to address obstacles, opportunities, cost, and quality. Learn more about engineering and prototyping at Cadrex.

  • Conveyor Paint Line, Pad Printing, & Silk Screening

    Plastic injection molding projects may require mechanical assembly and finishing solutions, which include conveyor paint line systems, pad printing, and silk screening. With a conveyor paint line, products move through a conveyor for finishing applications, like powder coating, coat paint, or wet spray. Pad printing involves transferring a 2-D image onto a 3-D object. With silk screening, ink or dye is transferred onto a base material or fabric around a stencil.


Leading Industry Publication Details Growth of the Cadrex Brand

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Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding in Mexico

North American companies looking to reshore their manufacturing, improve their supply chain efforts, and produce and deliver products in the same region are turning to plastic injection molding companies in Mexico. Partnering with Cadrex Monterrey, which is connected to a network of facilities throughout the U.S., provides access to our breadth of capabilities and decades of expertise. Our teams work seamlessly to deliver quality assurance, speed to scale, and technical support for innovative companies across North America.

Whether you only need plastic injection molding services or want support designing and producing a product that would involve sheet metal fabrication or other capabilities, you can do it all when you work with Cadrex in Mexico.

Operator on a plastic injection molding press in Monterrey, Mexico

Plastic Injection Molding at Cadrex Monterrey

Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing method during which an operator or machine injects molten plastic material into a mold cavity, which is then cooled and ejected from the machine as a plastic part. Our Shibura electric injection molding machines at Cadrex Monterrey range in tonnage from 390 to 950, and they can support medium- to high-volume programs. They are each fitted with smart digital systems so they can analyze part defects, integrate with auxiliary equipment, and troubleshoot any programs. These machines deliver fast injection speeds and dry cycle times, they ensure a long mold life, and they allow for greater flexibility, productivity, and versatility. Read more about plastic injection molding capabilities at Cadrex.

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