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Today, data is being consumed and stored at an astronomical pace. With the expansion of the Internet of Things, commonly referred to as IoT, and the arrival of 5G networks, Information Communications Technology (ICT) providers are working diligently to prepare for the future and explore ways to store and move data at a quicker pace.

Cadrex has been serving companies within the ICT sector for decades. Our engineers have deep knowledge and experience building solutions for some of the most innovative companies in this field whose products change the world. Our experience navigating quick design cycles and helping customers scale products quickly is critical to success in these dynamic markets.

Cadrex works with top Fortune 500 companies in the Data Center Infrastructure, Network, Compute, Storage, Fiber Optics, 5G, and Semiconductor markets, earning our customers' trust as a top supplier and manufacturing partner.

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ICT Market Expertise

Data Center Infrastructure

Racks, Cabinets, Enclosures, Chassis, Cooling Systems

Fiber & 5G

Splice Boxes, Enclosures, Panels, Fiber to Data Center Solutions

Network, Compute & Storage

Shelves, Trays, Server Chassis, Power Units, Switches, Line Cards, Fabric Cards

Electronics & Semiconductors

Vacuum Chambers, Silicon Wafer Handling

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Custom Server Racks

Cadrex’s years of experience manufacturing custom server racks, chassis, and cabinets have taught us that a collaborative approach during product development's design and prototype phases can make all the difference in decreasing lead time and cost. 

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Person installing hardware into a server rack

Fiber Optics & 5G Manufacturing

North America’s network infrastructure is quickly being replaced with fiber and 5G to meet the population’s high data consumption demands. As quicker download speeds are highly sought after by many providers to appease their consumers, fiber optic and 5G are becoming a critical backbone of 21st-century infrastructure projects.

Cadrex has years of experience manufacturing fiber to the home enclosures, panels, and splice boxes, as well as fiber to the data center solutions and 5G infrastructure components. Our engineering, supply chain, and support teams can enhance your product lines through early involvement in DFM, flexible and scalable manufacturing, and streamlining your supply chain.

Person working on fiber panel mounted on telephone poll

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