Leading Industry Publication Details Growth of the Cadrex Brand

June 7, 2023

Cadrex Manufacturing Solutions is quickly scaling to the top of the North American manufacturing industry. The company placed second in The FABRICATOR's 2023 FAB 40 list of top metal fabricators. North America’s leading magazine for the metal forming and fabricating industry also highlighted the development and growth of Cadrex’s brand in an article for its June 2023 publication.

Cadrex's rapid rise in the North American manufacturing space occurred in 2022 due to the strategic acquisition of 11 companies in less than two years. This has positioned Cadrex as a global manufacturing leader and among North America's largest precision mechanical solutions providers.

The article details how the Cadrex brand is taking shape; it serves as an example of how a multitude of unique companies can come together under a single umbrella. In the feature, Cadrex CEO Brian Steel also discusses how business has increased significantly with many of the company’s major accounts. He goes on to share what’s next for the company.

“We’re pivoting from acquisition mode toward leveraging the platform we’ve built. You’ll see much more of an organic-growth focus moving forward. Long term, over the next six to seven years, our plan is to expand globally,” says Steel. “The mission for this business is to become the world’s leader in mechanical solutions.”

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