Prominent Industry Journal Highlights Flexible Manufacturing System at Cadrex Site

July 26, 2023

An innovative solution at the Cadrex facility in Dresser, Wisconsin has led to increased profitability, faster production, and improved energy efficiency. The flexible manufacturing system represents the latest technology in sheet metal automation and demonstrates Cadrex’s commitment to growth and success.

FFJournal Magazine, a leading metal fabricating and forming technology publication, featured the manufacturing system and the partnership between Cadrex and Prima Power in its July 2023 edition.

The Dresser site, which manufactures and assembles custom sheet metal products, began incorporating the Prima Power LPBB integrated system in 2019. The compact LPBB sheet metal manufacturing system processes blank sheets into ready-bent, high-quality components automatically. The system integrates multiple capabilities, including punching, laser cutting, bending, and intelligent part handling. The system eliminates the need for multiple setups and the resulting longer production times.

“The technology of the Prima Power package challenged us on how we will approach our fabrication solutions moving forward,” Cadrex Operational Excellence and Automation Manager Ed Moryn says in the article. “Today, we’ve seen how far we’ve come in upgrading our capabilities, and it will really enhance our thought process moving forward on what the dynamic will look like when we explore the next generation of equipment.”

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