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Optimized for Customer Success

Cadrex has a dedicated global supply chain team, including buyers, planners, expediters, analysts, and strategists. They manage 400+ domestic and international suppliers and work with our customers to mitigate potential supply issues for material, packaging, and purchased components.

We offer direct-to-customer shipping, direct-to-consumer shipping, near-site just-in-time (JIT) hubs, and VMI models. This allows you to pull inventory to the production lines as needed to meet ever-changing product demand.

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Supply Chain Capabilities

  • Direct-To-Customer Shipping

  • Near-Site Just-In-Time (JIT) Hubs

  • VMI Models

  • 400+ Domestic and International Suppliers

  • Supplier Quality Engineers

  • Supplier Ethics, Integrity, and Social Responsibility Standards

Trusted Partnerships

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At Cadrex, we work with trusted suppliers to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services. Are you interested in becoming a partner of Cadrex?

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Planning and Risk Mitigation

Cadrex has a dedicated supply chain team, including buyers, planners, expediters, quality engineers, analysts, and strategists. Our team collaborates with our customers to ensure we meet your needs as demand shifts.

To mitigate supply chain constraints, Cadrex has worked with many of our customers to build a buffer stock of material, packaging, and purchased components needed for assembly to ensure we can meet their lead times. Sometimes that means looking at multiple suppliers, which we will help you navigate and ensure they meet our high ethics, integrity, and social responsibility requirements.

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