Cadrex CEO Brian Steel Discusses Growth and Success on The Fabricator Podcast

April 19, 2024

Cadrex CEO Brian Steel was a guest on The Fabricator Podcast, where he talked about Cadrex’s rapid rise in the manufacturing industry, the need for fully integrated mechanical solution providers in North America, and the challenges and benefits of integrating multiple businesses under one brand.

He explained to co-hosts Dan Davis and Tim Heston what we’ve accomplished as a company in 2023 after acquiring nearly a dozen businesses, as well as our plans for 2024.

“We’ve been focused on pulling the 11 businesses together under one brand, one name… and then really driving the buildout of the platform, starting with the organization, then moving into the tools, the processes, the systems that you need to be one company,” said Brian. “We’re really looking to align the business and accelerate this year, start to grow as one company.”

Editor-in-Chief of The FABRICATOR magazine Dan Davis and his co-host, Senior Editor Tim Heston, interviewed Brian for the podcast, which originally aired on April 9. The Fabricator Podcast is presented by the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association. You can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, iHeart Podcasts, or Amazon Music.

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