New Sheet Metal Stamping Machines And Automation In Mexico

March 17, 2021

Cadrex moved into a brand new facility in Monterrey, Mexico in 2021. With the move, we have been gearing up by adding new machines and automation. We recently added a new ATC press brake and a laser/turret combo, one of only a few in all of Mexico. But our biggest investment in automation for the new facility is yet to come.

We are thrilled to announce the addition of three Aida 300-ton mechanical presses and two Aida 250-ton gap presses. This is not your average sheet metal stamping press addition; we have also invested in a fully automated system by AP&T for the Aida 300-ton stamping presses (see photo below).

How it works

Stamping is the sheet metal manufacturing process that uses steel dies - progressive dies and stage dies - which are designed to stamp, bend, and form sheet metal. Parts are produced quickly and require little labor, which can be highly beneficial as a product becomes a staple in the market and demand increases.

With the automation system, blanks of sheet metal are automatically fed into the first press by an overhead gantry system. The infeed table then pulls the blank forward. The blank is then centered on all four sides before being loaded into the first press. SpeedFeeders transfer the blank and parts through the forming operations. Finished parts are placed on an exit conveyor for packaging or assembly.

The fully automated precision metal stamping system is ideal for high-volume programs and can be added onto at any time. Programs running through our automated metal stamping process will benefit from faster cycle times, higher quality product, tighter tolerances, better efficiency, and fewer touch points. This set up will allow us to increase our flexibility and scale customers' custom metal stamping programs rapidly.

Read AP&T's press release to learn more about the automation system.