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Custom Solutions across North America

Our state-of-the-art sheet metal fabrication facility in Monterrey, Mexico is a core marker on Cadrex’s geographical map. Demand for metal fabrication companies in Mexico continues to increase, and we bring more than 70 years of metal production expertise to the region. Our manufacturing facilities are strategically positioned across the United States and Mexico to provide enhanced capabilities and speed to scale across North America.

Cadrex provides high-quality fabricated sheet metal parts, stamped parts, mechanical assemblies, injection molding, welding, and full integrations at our 255,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Monterrey. The site offers both sheet metal fabrication and injection molding capabilities, which means increased potential at one location. Our customers can also tap into the breadth of capabilities and resources available throughout the Cadrex network. As the foremost sheet metal manufacturer in North America, we invest in new capabilities, automation, and robotics to deliver high-quality fabricated sheet metal parts to innovative companies.

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Metal Fabrication Capabilities

  • Sheet Metal Engineering & Prototype Center

    Our production experts in Mexico work alongside a team of sheet metal engineering experts at our facility in Westminster, Colorado. These experienced team members know and understand design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for excellence (DFX). DFM is the process of designing products so they are easy to manufacture, and DFX is the process of designing products with high-quality, low-cost standards. Our experts consider these processes when designing a sheet metal prototype, and then every product is evaluated and tested before manufacturing begins.

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication – Cutting, Punching, & Bending

    We can perform multiple methods of sheet metal fabrication at our Monterrey facility, and our experts work alongside our partners to determine the most effective method for each project. Cutting, punching, and bending are all common methods of sheet metal fabrication. Cutting removes pieces of sheet metal from an original object, punching pierces holes into a piece of sheet metal, and bending involves shaping a piece of sheet metal. Our Mexico site utilizes a system of punch and laser combination machines to process complex sheet metal parts.

  • Sheet Metal Stamping Presses from 30 to 300 Tons

    The manufacturing process of sheet metal stamping involves turning sheet metal into specific shapes. Cadrex is one of the top sheet metal stamping companies in Mexico, fully capable of performing any sheet metal stamping requirements to produce high-quality products. Our automated mechanical presses offer reduced risk of injury to employees and a higher emphasis on precision. The type of metal used and the desired shape both determine the necessary tonnage, or the amount of pressure applied to the metal during the stamping process. Metal stamping is ideal for producing multiple, identical metal parts at scale. Learn more about the stamping presses at our Monterrey facility.

  • Fully Automated Press Line & Automatic Tool Changing

    Automation and robotics are not just the wave of the future: they’re right here, right now. At Cadrex, we believe it is imperative to integrate state-of-the-art technology into the manufacturing process while staying on top of future trends and technological advancements. The modern equipment at our Monterrey facility includes fully automated stamping press lines and precision machining centers. Our automatic tool changing systems make setup more efficient, and they make production continue seamlessly.

  • Plastic Injection Molding from 390-950 Tons

    Cadrex Monterrey acquired three new electric injection molding presses in 2023, combining sheet metal fabrication and plastic injection molding capabilities in one facility. Having such access to injection molding capabilities is a rare advantage in the metal fabrication industry. The dual capabilities at Cadrex Monterrey make it possible to provide plastic components for sheet metal programs under one roof. The electric injection molding presses range from 390 to 950 in tonnage, and they support medium- to high-volume programs.

  • Mechanical Assembly & Hardware Insertion

    Not only can we make metal parts, but we can also put them together to build a complete product. We offer full mechanical assembly at Cadrex Monterrey, including riveting, welding, and hardware insertion. Riveting is a method of joining sheet metal parts using a fastener or rivet, welding is the process of melting pieces of metal together, and hardware insertion is the process of installing self-clinching hardware into a part to allow for assembly.

  • Mig, Tig, and Robotic Welding

    Our welding experts in Mexico perform all necessary forms of the manufacturing process, including metal inert gas (MIG), tungsten inert gas (TIG), and robotic welding. In the MIG welding process, an electric arc forms between a piece of wire and the metal workpiece, causing them to fuse. TIG welding is another technique that also involves an arc, but it uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode alongside a separate filler material. Robotic welding is an automated method programmed by expert welders, particularly ideal when higher volumes of a product are needed.

  • System Integration & Testing

    Everything we produce goes through a stringent system integration and testing process. We have onsite testing capabilities at our Mexico facility and additional support and quality oversight from experts in the U.S. Our trained quality inspectors and engineers create and follow a custom quality plan for each product and work with the latest precision testing equipment.

  • Power Paint Lines & Batch Powder Booths & Ovens

    The production process isn’t complete without the finishing touches from power paint lines and batch powder booths and ovens. A power paint line is a conveyor system that covers products with finishing applications like coat paint. Our facility also has batch powder booth and oven systems, in which products are sprayed with coating powder in a booth then manually moved as a group to a curing oven. Learn more about our mechanical assembly and finishing solutions

  • Conveyor Paint Line, Pad Printing, & Silk Screening

    Cadrex Monterrey offers pad printing and silk screening, two popular finishing solutions for sheet metal components and products. Pad printing is a process in which a 2-D image is transferred onto a 3-D part. During the silk screening process, dye or ink is transferred onto another material around a stencil.


Cadrex Adds Plastic Injection Molding In Monterrey, Mexico

Cadrex's new state-of-the-art sheet metal fabrication facility in Mexico, will soon add three new injection molding presses to expand the service offering to their customers.

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Benefits of Sheet Metal Fabrication in Mexico

In Mexico, metal fabrication is a growing component of the manufacturing industry. More North American companies looking to reshore their manufacturing processes or give regional supply chain demands a boost are turning to metal fabrication companies in Mexico.

Cadrex has mirrored capabilities and systems between sites in the U.S. and Mexico to allow for speed, flexibility, and scalability. When you work with one Cadrex location for your metal production needs, you tap into our entire network of capabilities and resources. Our sheet metal fabrication facility in Mexico, complete with on-site plastic injection molding capabilities, allows us to achieve speed to scale within the region and provides additional support across North America.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication at Cadrex Monterrey

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of converting thin sheets of metal into specific shapes. Metal fabrication uses turrets, laser cutting, panel bending, and brake presses to form components through bending, punching, and cutting.

Our full-service operation at Cadrex Monterrey includes engineering support, manufacturing and production, supply chain management, and customer support teams who ensure our customers receive the level of service they deserve throughout the manufacturing process. As the global supply chain depends more and more on metal fabrication and stamping companies in Mexico, we continue to offer unmatched services in the region.

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