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Cadrex is committed to values of high ethics, integrity, and social responsibility across every aspect of our business operations and supply chain management. Our enduring dedication to these principles underscores our commitment to fostering enduring relationships with both our customers and suppliers, rooted in transparency and accountability.

In alignment with the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) requirements, we diligently ensure that our suppliers adhere to rigorous standards promoting safe working conditions, equitable treatment of workers, and environmentally responsible practices. By actively participating in the EICC, we reinforce our pledge to uphold ethical conduct and sustainability throughout the supply chain.

Moreover, Cadrex goes the extra mile by implementing robust measures to enforce accountability among our suppliers and customers. Through regular audits and meticulous assessments of our sourcing methods, we continuously evaluate and refine our processes to meet stringent standards. These efforts serve as the cornerstone of our commitment to fulfilling promises made to our customers while upholding integrity, quality, and responsibility at every stage of the supply chain. By prioritizing continuous improvement and ethical leadership, we remain dedicated to driving positive change within our industry.

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