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State Of The Art Manufacturing in Monterrey, Mexico

Manufacturing in Mexico offers a unique set of advantages. The country's proximity to the United States provides efficient access to one of the largest consumer markets in the world. Additionally, a skilled and cost-effective labor force, with modern infrastructure and favorable trade agreements, positions Mexico as an attractive destination for companies seeking operational excellence. Many industries related to the North American region have successfully capitalized on the nation's strategic advantages and creating a dynamic manufacturing ecosystem that continues to evolve and thrive. Mexico has emerged as a global manufacturing hub, harnessing a rich industrial heritage and a strategic geographical location. The country's manufacturing sector boasts a diverse array of industrial operations, contributing significantly to its economic vitality.

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Cadrex has invested in growing our Mexico facility to offer state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities including sheet metal fabrication, sheet metal stamping, and plastic injection molding.

Cadrex Monterrey (Previously Tenere)

Calle Encinos No 101, Colonia Los Puertos CP 67252. Juarez NL

Sheet Metal Fabrication & Stamping in Mexico

Plastic Injection Molding in Mexico

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